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Several options are available to help families. We provide options that are modeled after programs with proven success rates from 60% to 85% continuous recovery over 1 to 5 years. The key to this success is family involvement resulting in greatly enhanced family unity and healing. When a family team is created, including the person with addiction or mental illness, the entire family will become beneficiaries of new ways of living that have not previously been realized, or ever imagined.

Weekly facilitated family support – remote meetings

Our services take families through a series of regularly scheduled virtual meetings. Our family support option is a process that is educational and actionable that helps individuals and families discover new ways of understanding the illness and the impact it has on their life. It is also a strength based and solution-oriented method to help families become empowered to have the life they have always aspired to experience


The family will discuss topics tailored to the specific needs of the family, such as:

  • Forgiveness;

  • Honest and authentic communications,

  • Setting boundaries;

  • Accepting responsibility;

  • Return of trust

  • Impact of unresolved grief and loss on the family

  • And much more!


Each participant will begin their own individual recovery process.  This takes the pressure off the person of concern, so they can concentrate on their own life changes and return to the family with renewed interest. The family begins to focus on how they have been impacted by addiction and develop new skills toward a hopeful and vibrant future.


Our method is a defined structured process with a framework that gives the addict a much greater chance at continuous long-term recovery. Everyone in the family system begins a path toward a more fulling life with significantly reduced stress and anxiety while reconnecting in new and profound ways.


Customized “In Home” family education and experiential workshops


We also provide an option to bring a more focused one- or two-day family support program to your home followed by weekly virtual support. We custom design our services to meet the unique needs of each family. The family along with significant persons of influence in the addicted persons life may also be invited


This in-home custom designed educational and experiential process looks at areas such as:


  • Generational influences on the current family system;

  • The power of resilience factors

  • Understanding family roles adapted from addiction and mental health issues;

  • Powerful family communication applications;

  • How boundaries help families heal;

  • Impact of Grief and Loss on families and the addiction process;

  • Chronic nature of addiction;

  • The impact does alcohol use and addiction have on neuroplasticity on brain function.


We will work with families to design your unique plans and can easily combine in home workshops and follow up virtual weekly meetings

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