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Deciding to move forward with an intervention is not an easy decision for most families. Is my loved one really that bad? How will they react? Will this change our relationship forever? The truth is, if you find you are asking yourself these questions, you are probably right on track.

Considering an intervention may bring up varied ideas due to media coverage and public misperceptions. A well organized intervention with compassion and honest communication from loved ones is a gift to the person of concern and the family. 

The intervention may serve as a much needed education experience and be a catalyst toward healing  for the entire family. 


We welcome the opportunity to provide an assessment of your loved one. The process of completing a thorough assessment will help to determine the next best steps in identifying the right resources for your loved one and family support. Bespoke Professional Group works only with a few select high quality, ethical and well respected addiction treatment and mental health programs. We have a thorough vetting process and we help navigate the best help for you.


Often, families struggling with a family member suffering from addiction or mental illness are overwhelmed from a long tenure of the affects of disruptive behavior. It is common for families to believe that if the person of concern receives help and adopts a path to recovery, life will return to normal and “Happy Ever After”.

While lives may improve somewhat without the active addiction, the family most often develops a variety of dysfunctional behaviors that have morphed to adapt to everyday disconcerting and unpredictable conduct. Thus, family members will greatly benefit from additional support to return from confusion, anger, and distrust to a more fulfilling and balanced life.


Transitional Aftercare Planning

The person receiving help from addiction or mental health concerns in treatment and transitional living environments will receive a variety of benefits including tools, resources and life skills to enable them to have a life of continuous and long -term recovery. A happy, joyous, prosperous and life of freedom from addiction and subsequent positive behavior awaits them.

The challenge that most clients face is leaving a very safe and supportive life in the treatment setting where their only focus is on beginning the restoration of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Their treatment experience is void of the typical day-to-day life pressures, influences, and possible ‘back home’ trials or misfortunes resulting from their addiction.

The transition from these safe environments, and their return home, is traditionally the greatest challenge our clients encounter. While the person may have gained much from the treatment experience, the realities awaiting the person from traveling home, family, work, a variety of triggers where they left the addiction behind, can be overwhelming and a set-up for relapse.

Bespoke Professional Group understands that alcoholism/addiction/mental health matters are a chronic condition and not an acute-care remedy. It requires a long-term solution and we provide the safety and guard-rails to allow continuity of recovery for our clients in their home environments.

We offer a variety of services that pick up where the client leaves treatment and transitional living and returns to their home environment of choice. We meet with the client and the program staff to receive and understand aftercare plan recommendations and are available to accompany the client traveling to their destination.

We design a program for living with daily, weekly, monthly and life goals that are a specifically tailored to the clients needs and interests. We provide on-site AND ongoing remote consultation to encourage, adapt and provide accountability for our clients. We work from a strength-based approach believing that each person has deeply rooted knowledge, wisdom, talents and interests that will blossom to replace the previous addictive pursuits. Our areas of custom designed client focused support may include the following options:


Long-Term Recovery and Mental Heath Support 

  • Assist in identifying local qualified clinical support

  • Facilitate creating a plan to continue physical, emotional, mental and spiritual enrichment in the local environment or “on the road” for those who travel.

  • Identify appropriate local recovery assets and support groups such as 12 Step, faith based, smart recovery etc.

  • Facilitate family and client reintegration through mutual support tools.

  • Identify potential relapse issues and develop proactive life skills.

  • Capabilities include referrals to special interest groups and specialized enrichment workshops for client and families resulting in a deeper recovery experience.

Return to Work 

  • For existing executives and organization leaders, we provide coaching for workplace re-entry and can also serve as a confidante/executive coach to traverse the return to work with new generative and proactive behavior.

  • We provide feedback assessments to identify key strengths and areas of potential development to better understand the clients impact on their immediate org team.

  • Using a strength-based approach, we create developmental, growth and goal attainment for clients that desire a higher level of functioning

Family Recovery

  • Facilitate a family recovery focus utilizing in-home family workshops and weekly virtual formatted and structured family recovery meetings.

  • Identify and attend local recovery resources and groups for family recovery

  • Facilitate a family recovery vision emphasizing resilience with a hopeful, loving and vibrant family future. Create family agreed upon life enrichment goals.

  • Understand generational influences on the current family dynamics. Embrace the resilience capabilities of the family to pursue a life fulfilled and joyful life.

  • Develop new skills for authentic communication, boundary setting, resolving conflict with healthy practices, and many more topical sessions

Living a Life of Passion and Purpose 

  • Develop a plan to pursue new passions and purposeful goals replacing the addictive energy with new and constructive outlets.

  • Identify barriers that prevent us from fulfilling our highest desired potential

  • Understand and develop proactive life habits and practicing recovery principles that propel the clients to their most desired goals and embracing abundance.

Young Adults 

  • Provide Young adults with needed basics/life skills to gain independence

  • Provide employment and academic coaching to gain traction at school and work.

  • Form small groups of peer support and leadership coaching to gain greater self-awareness and their impact on others


Family Business, Leadership and Organizational Support 

Additionally, Bespoke Professional gGoup has a unique niche and long-standing successful background working with executives/leaders and organizations. We have recognized and renowned engagements developing high functioning leaders, strategy and culture for optimal performance and profits. Our experience indicates that many organizations have leaders that are disruptive and may suffer from addictions and mental health issues that have a strong negative impact on the organization. Often, the same dysfunctional family dynamics that one experiences in the home of an addiction/alcoholic is also replicated in the work team and larger work environment. These behaviors can significantly impair an organizations health, effectiveness and profits. This offering is especially pertinent to family businesses that had disruption in the business related to addiction or mental illness.


Bespoke Professional Group Designs, offer, and facilitates a variety of Enrichment Programs. We provide Programs exclusively for families to better understand, historical family influences on current family dynamics; family roles in a home impacted by addictive behaviors, solutions to support an enriched family life. 

We also offer small ongoing closed groups of peers custom designed for participant needs. We especially design transitional tracks of recovery, family, purpose/legacy, and executive leadership coaching.

Additionally, we facilitate signature Leadership Enrichment intensives based on innovative group process designs. (See Group Leadership Intensive)

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